Bulk Delivery

Residential Bulk Delivery

New England Wood Pellet has the ability to deliver up to ten tons (auger fed) at one time to residential bulk customers through its bulk distributor relationships. We do not restrict bulk delivery to any specific area but keep in mind that shipping charges increase the farther you are away from our delivery facility. Pricing and shipping charges are set by our distributors and are typically based on current market conditions.

You will require a silo or some other storage unit that will be accessible with our delivery truck. Some examples of other storage units may include a bin in your basement or garage, or super-sacks on skids. In order to make the initial delivery you will need to consult with one of our drivers who will know if your setup will work or if other modifications will be required for a successful delivery. It is wise to have this conversation before you specify your storage unit to ensure that we or another company will have the ability to deliver bulk pellets to you. If you require a pneumatic delivery you will need to contact one of our bulk distributors. We have a growing list of companies that provide residential & commercial bulk delivery. See below for a current list of bulk distributors.


Commercial/Industrial Bulk Delivery

Bulk Delivery Trucks

For all deliveries in excess of 10 tons and for quantities up to 25 tons we have bulk distributor relationships with several companies that own and operate residential and large capacity bulk trailers. A silo will be required for these deliveries. You must be able to accept a delivery from a tractor trailer truck. If you have any questions about bulk delivery or to get a copy of the schematics on a bulk trailer please contact one of our distributors listed below. Pricing and shipping charges are set by our distributors and are typically based on current market conditions


Company Name Phone Number Website
A.R. Sandri 1-800-628-1900 http://www.sandri.com/renewable-energy/wood-pellets
Lyme Green Heat 1-603-359-8837 http://lymegreenheat.com
Vermont Renewable Fuels 1-802-362-3180 http://www.vermontrenewablefuels.com
Vincent's Heating & Fuel Service 1-315-826-3864/td> http://www.vincentsheating.com