About Pellet Storage


Water will destroy pellets. Pellet bags are not water resistant. Each bag contains small air holes. Take special care to prevent water absorption.



  •  If possible, pellets should be stored indoors. Humid locations may require a dehumidifier.
  •  New England Wood Pellet cover bags are water and UV resistant for 12 months.
  •  Do not remove the cover bag if pellets are stored outside. An additional tarp is recommended for extra protection.
  •  After opening a ton, we recommend moving all bags inside to a dry location. If not possible, re-wrap the ton with original cover bag or other water resistant cover.
  •  Pallets should not sit directly on grass or dirt. An additional pallet or platform should be used as bottom layer.
  •  Avoid abrasion of cover bags. Small holes allow water to penetrate. If tons are stacked two high, a slip sheet of OSB or plywood should be used.


New England Wood Pellet is not responsible for damage incurred to pellets due to improper storage, shipping or handling.