Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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About Us

Our Mission

New England Wood Pellet provides renewable pellet fuels to make available heat that is environmentally beneficial, locally made, and economical.


Our Belief

We believe that pellet fuels made from sustainably produced biomass can play a major role in reducing demand for fossil heating fuels.  We believe our region has the opportunity to develop this renewable resource as a significant contributor to meeting regional energy demands, thereby strengthening our economy and positioning the northeast as a national leader in sustainable, low carbon clean energy.

Our History

steveNew England Wood Pellet was founded in Acton, MA in 1992 by Steve Walker.  Walker moved the company to New Hampshire in 1995, and to our flagship facility in Jaffrey, NH in 1999. The Jaffrey manufacturing plant has undergone repeated upgrades in manufacturing processes and capacity, many designed by Walker and widely accepted in the industry today.

In an effort to keep pace with increasing demand for wood pellet fuel, the company has undergone significant expansion in recent years, with two new facilities in New York, as well as other strategic ventures. In 2006 the company built its state-of-the-art research and development facility in Jaffrey NH where new equipment and technology in pellet manufacturing are designed, tested and brought into production. In 2008 the company started a subsidiary, Propell Energy, to expand the pellet market through the sale, installation, and service of commercial and institiutional boilers. This company was subsequently sold to Sandri Energy of Greenfield, MA in 2010. The company designed and built much of the plant in Schuyler NY (2008), and has incorporated advanced technology and design features into the newest facility in Deposit NY which commenced production in June 2011.  In 2012 New England Wood Pellet added in-house quality testing labs for all of its manufacturing facilities. It is this commitment to continuous improvement in process engineering that reflects the inherent challenges in successful pellet manufacturing, and distinguishes New England Wood Pellet from most other pellet manufacturers.

The company is now owned by Walker and several other private investors, and governed by a Board of Managers.

Photo of Steve Walker courtesy Bioenergy International. Photograph by Maral Kassabian.

New England premium wood pellets are made in the USA
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